Dr. Vikas Dua Best Pediatric Oncologist Fortis Delhi Provides Comprehensive Care For Children With Cancer

21 Mar


Pediatric oncology is the studies and remedy of cancers in children and teens. Pediatric oncologists look at and educate in each pediatrics and oncology. The types of cancers that develop in children are often different from cancers that develop in adults. Because of this, pediatric oncologists focus on treating infants, youngsters, teenagers and young adults who have cancer. Childhood cancers can develop as the result of DNA changes in cells that occur early in life, even before birth.

Why Choose Dr. Vikas Dua For Paediatric Cancer Care In India?

  • Comprehensive Cancer Designation : Dr. Vikas Dua best pediatric oncologist in India is been set apart from other surgeon by his comprehensive cancer care in India.  He provides exceptional care to patients from all over the world.
  • World-Renowned Paediatric Surgeon :He is leaders in innovative, groundbreaking paediatric cancer research. Dr. Vikas Dua Famous pediatric hemato oncologist in Delhi is a specialized care provider at Fortis Hospital, Delhi and is dedicated in understanding, preventing, and treating this disease.
  • Advancing Oncology : Dr. Vikas Dua is the top clinical genetics provider in the nation. This gives him the opportunity to analyze the genetic makeup of patients to identify the potential for cancer, take measures to prevent its onset, and develop custom treatments for each case. Dr. Vikas Dua strong academic and research programs allow him to provide leading-edge cancer treatment to his little patients.
  • The Latest Technology : Dr. Vikas Dua bone marrow specialist in Delhi India offers personalized treatment options using the latest techniques and technology, including the Cyberknife® Robotic Radio surgery System and da Vinci Robotic Surgery System.
  • International Referral Paediatric Oncologist : He treats the most complex cases. Patients from all over the world come to Dr. Vikas Dua for paediatric cancer care in Indi

Harvey Wilson’s Experience Of Bone Marrow Transplant With Dr. Vikas Dua In India

In early childhood, Harvey Wilson from Bristol was diagnosed with thalassemia, a blood disorder that required Harvey to undergo monthly blood transfusions. The handiest remedy for thalassemia is a bone marrow transplant and luckily for Harvey, one in all his siblings was a perfect fit. All that was left was to facilitate Harvey’s travel and treatment. Harvey’s father connected with Dr. Vikas Dua best pediatric oncologist in India for his son’s treatment, he shares his experience with Dr. Vikas Dua. “Dr. Vikas is senior consultant- haematology, paediatric haematology oncology & bone marrow transplant at Fortis Hospital, Delhi, is enthusiastic when he explains the progression of treatment plan carefully sequenced. Our experience with Dr. Vikas Dua pediatric oncologist fortis Delhi has been amazing; it’s almost too good to be true. The care, the compassion, the relief of financial burden—everything is done with excellence. By listening to concerns and anticipating needs, Dr. Vikas Dua famous pediatric hemato oncologist in Delhi continues the quest to reduce the stress and anxiety of patients and families.” Harvey Wilson parents were able to be right there with him through it all comfortably.”We thank God that the surgery went very well. Dr. Vikas work was superb as he ensured all was perfect prior to the surgery. All in all experience with Dr. Vikas tops all others standards…and I would recommend it in a heartbeat!”

India Cancer Surgery Service Benefits

Upon contacting India cancer surgery service, you will immediately be introduced to your dedicated patient care manager who will answer all of your questions and help you apprehend your alternatives with our concierge-like aid via each step of your journey, from scheduling a consultation to treatment. We will help handle all the logistics of your care including scheduling, billing, and insurance. This way all you have to do is focus on your road to better health. We look forward to being a part of your cancer treatment success!

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